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Merseybeat Nostalgia

Beryl Marsden

 Beryl Marsden - DECCA 1963

Beryl Marsden

The ‘Star Club’, Hamburg, Germany


Beryl started singing at the age of 15 with The Undertakers and Farons Flamingos. She was a ‘pint-sized’ rock ‘n’ roller, Liverpool’s answer to Brenda Lee and considered the best female singer on the Mersey Beat scene. Her manager was Joe Flannery and she appeared regularly with his brothers group Lee Curtis & the All Stars.

At the age of 16, Beryl appeared at the Star Club in Hamburg having to obtain a special licence to be able to perform. Her first record ‘I Know’ was released by Decca Records in 1963 and was recorded in the style local audiences were used to hearing. Her second record ‘When The Lovelight Starts shinning Through His Eyes’ was a poor follow up, had someone at Decca had persuaded her to change her style? Tony Stratton-Smith became her new manager and she had two singles released on the Columbia label ‘Who You Gonna’ Hurt’ in October 1965 and ‘Music Talk’ in December 1965. In early 1966 Beryl joined Rod Stewart, Peter Green, Peter Bardens, Dave Ambrose and Mick Fleetwood in the group ‘Shotgun Express’, releasing just the one single ‘I Feel The Whole World Turn Around’. Beryl returned to Liverpool for a short spell and joined Paddy Chambers in the soul band Sinbad before returning and finally settling in London where she discovered Buddhism and becoming District Leader for the SGI UK Buddhism Organisation, during this time she became a close friend of Sandie Shaw, a top female singer from the ‘sixties’

A Beryl Marsden CD was released in 2007 titled ‘One Dream’ I have permission from LoneBoy Records to add two tracks from the CD ‘Baby It’s You’ and ‘To Love Somebody’ two superb examples of this very talented artist.

Beryl is back!

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I Know

Everybody Loves A Lover

I Only Care About You

Break Away

Beryl 1965
Beryl Marsden - One Dream

Two tracks from the ’One Dream’ CD

Baby It’s You

To Love Somebody

Shotgun Express

Shotgun Express

Photographs by kind permission of Beryl Marsden

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