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Merseybeat Nostalgia

Freddie Star and the Midnighters

Freddie Starr 2

Line up :

Freddie (Fowell) Starr - Vocals

Dave Carden - Lead Guitar

Johnny Kelman - Rhythm Guitar

Brian Woods - Bass Guitar

Keef Hartley - Drums (Replaced by Ian Broad in 1963

Freddie (Fowell) Starr has been an entertainer in some form since 1954 when he joined a road show as a song and comedy act remaining with them untill 1958, during that year he played the part of a young teddy boy in the film Violent Playground. In Late 1958 he

joined Howey Casey and the Seniors as second singer (main singer was Derry Wilkie), when the group became the first from Liverpool to appear in Hamburg, booked for a season at the Kaiserkeller. They where let down financially by the promoters resulting in the break up of the group. In 1962 Freddie joined the Midnighters replacing Gus Travers as lead singer, leading the group until 1964. During this period they released three records on the Decca label ‘Who Told You?’, ‘Baby Blue’ and ‘Never Cry On Someone’s Shoulder’ all three failed to make the charts, Freddie left in 1965 and joined the Delmonts for a short period, appearing in cabaret. After pursuing a solo career for some years, he appeared on ‘Sunday Night At The London Palladium’ and became a leading comedian steering himself through a successful but controversial career.

Freddie did have a hit record, in 1974 he released ‘It’s You’ which reached No. 9 in the charts.

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Peter Gunn Locomotion

Baby Blue

Who Told You?

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