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The Cryin’ Shames

The Cryin Shames 1

The Cryin Shames, originally called The Bumblies, were among the many competent Merseyside groups of the early to mid 1960’s. They had little luck in attracting the interest of the record companies so decided to approach producer Joe Meek directly, the freshness of their performance impressed Joe and their first single ‘Please Stay’ was released in 1966 on the Decca label reaching No. 26 in the (UK) charts. Two more singles followed the same year ‘Nobody Waved Me Goodbye’ and ‘September In The Rain’, both produced by Joe.

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Please Stay

Tiffany and The Dimensions

Tiffanys Dimensions

Tiffany, real name Irene Green, was a member of The Liver Birds, one of the first singing/playing all-female groups. She joined Birkenhead based group The Four Dimensions in 1964 and changed their name to Tiffany and The Dimensions. They turned professional in late 1964 and started a tour of Scotland. After a few days, while in Glasgow, their van was stolen containing all their instruments, amps and stage gear. In 1965 Tiffany made a solo single, ‘Am I Dreaming’ with the legendary George Martin and went on to form a new group, Tiffany’s Thoughts.

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Am I Dreaming

The Dimensions

The Dimension's

After the split from Tiffany, The Dimensions recorded ‘Tears On My Pillow’, also with George Martin.

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Tears On My Pillow

The Black Knights

The Black Knights 1

Earl Preston and The Realms

Earl Preston and the Realms

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Angel Of Love - The Black Knights

All Around The World - Earl Preston & The Realms

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