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Merseybeat Nostalgia

Photographs taken at The Cavern and Litherland Town Hall both well known venues on Merseyside - Photographer unknown

Cavern 1

Waiting for The Cavern to open.

Cavern 5

Who is appearing and when.

Cavern 10

Sound of ‘64 finals - unknown group.

Cavern 2

Down the steep stone steps.

Cavern 6

The packed dance floor.

Cavern 11

Fans watching and listening.

Cavern 4

Checking Membership cards.

Cavern 8

The Merseybeats on stage.

Cavern 12

Groups names scratched on the walls.

Litherland 1 Litherland 2

The Thursday night queue for the Litherland Town Hall.

Waiting for the first group to appear.

Litherland 3

And when it was all over - somebody had to clean up!.

Iron Door Plaque

A plaque at the site of the old Iron Door Club.

The Iron Door

The Iron Door Club - complete with ‘iron door’.

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