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The Big Three

The Big Three

Left to right:

Johnny Gustafson - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Johnny Hutchinson - Drums/Vocals

Brian Griffiths - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Despite the fact they were a three piece group, The Big Three were one of the loudest on Merseyside thanks to the electronic wizardry of former member Adrian Barber who designed and made amplifiers or ‘Coffins’ as they called them. Adrian decided to stay in Germany after a 1962 tour and was replaced by Brian Griffiths, one of the best guitarists in Liverpool.

The Big Three were managed by Brian Epstein and he arranged an audition for the group with Decca, recording ‘Some Other Guy’. They had arrived back from Hamburg the day of the audition and went to Decca’s recording studio thinking it was to record a demo tape. They were ‘upset’ when told Decca would be releasing the ‘demo’ and wouldn’t let them perform the song in the way they would have done when appearing at the Cavern or one of the many other venues (Decca mistake number 1). In 1963 Decca recorded them live at the Cavern, enough songs for an LP but for some unknown reason, they erased most of the tape (mistake number 2) leaving enough songs for release as an EP, ‘The Big Three At The Cavern’ with the unforgettable Bob Wooler introduction.

The Big Three left Brian Epstein and signed with Kennedy Street Enterprises but didn’t find success on record. Three tracks have never been released, ‘Fortune Teller’, ‘Long Tall Sally’ and ‘Walkin’ The Dog’.

Press ‘Play Button’ on the player to listen to the original recordings.

The Bob Wooler Introduction

Some Other Guy Now

Reelin’ And A Rockin’ - Live recording

Zip A Dee Doo Dah - Live recording

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